Among the obligations laid down in the shareholders’ agreement drawn up when the investors join the company, are the financial reports that the company must provide at regular intervals.

The most frequently requested information : 

  • Monthly reporting: document summarizing the significant events of the past month.
  • Quarterly: budget monitoring, cash flow, sales, etc.
  • Statements of accounts are often requested in addition quarterly or half-yearly
  • Company accounts certified annually
  • Estimated budget for the coming year

An idea very often expressed by managers :

“I’m going to spend one week a month providing the information requested by investors!”

This remark most often reflects the fact that the company has no dashboard (but we’re talking about a start-up, and that’s “almost normal”!) and that you’re going to have to create one!

In fact, the form of the reporting is agreed with the investors to keep it simple, and the document also corresponds to the monitoring dashboard needed by the company’s manager. So it’s not a real problem.

So take heart, create the right (evolving) document and management will be simpler, and don’t hesitate to seek professional help. You’ll save time and be more efficient!

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