Multeam accompagne les entreprises à potentiel dans leur démarche de levée de fonds en s’appuyant sur des méthodes et outils inédits :

– La Roadmap de financement : à l’instar d’une roadmap produit, la roadmap de financement anticipe les besoins de financement.

– Le PDR2S : la méthode PDR2S (Potentiel, Différenciation, Risques, Rassurances, Sortie), mise au point par Multeam, est mise en œuvre pour élaborer les documents nécessaires à la levée de fonds.

  • Enter the project in the decision-making environment for investors. The Multeam method: PDR2S (Potential , Risk Differentiation Reassurance, Outputs ).
  • Carry documentation that reflects this environment and highlights the strengths of the project : a collaborative and iterative method.
  • Prepare for interviews with investors.
  • A proper understanding of the ecosystem and the financing market.

preparatory phase

"Hands on"

Approach funds


  • Select potential investors, adapted to the project and in particular the least visible. Crossing different criteria : level of advancement desired amount, industry, internal carrier...
  • Allow a first highlighted strengths.
  • Establishing a direct and personal contact with the funds and bring the project directly in the deal flow of funds.
  • Multeam presence of the talks with investors throughout the course.
  • Qualification information to file with the funds.
  • Between appointments, maintain direct contact and proximity to investors.
  • Manage the relationship of several investors to mount a round. Choosing the "right time" given the stage of development of each fund.



Mounting deal


  • Multeam is first in line to negotiate closely with executives, investor input conditions. Multeam allows the entrepreneur to take a position with hindsight. In this negotiation phase, Multeam is a "facilitator" between the leaders and the funds and plays a vital role in the negotiations.
  • Multeam provides executives knowledge of financial techniques and experience of the practices of investment funds. Achieve " good" recovery but mostly a "good" deal in its entirety validated by counsel for the company.
  • The support continues until closing, including in coordination with counsel for the company that validates the LOI negotiated before it is signed by the leaders.