L’équipe Multeam

Paul Berrux


Paul Berrux is an entrepreneur and the founder of Multeam, a company he founded in 1995.

Previously at the General Management of SAARI, he actively contributed to the success of this management software publisher acquired by SAGE.

Paul also has industrial experience and has worked internationally, notably in Germany and the Czech Republic.

A finance specialist – ESCP, MBA-INSEAD – Paul has personally raised more than 80 funds in various fields such as ICT (platforms, media, telecoms…), innovative industry, retail or medtech and greentech.

Dominique Blanc


She co-founded Multeam with Paul Berrux. She started her career with a Robotics software publisher, a career she continued at SAGE (ex: SAARI) as Distribution Network Manager.

This specialist in Information Technology and Networks (BAC+5) brings her expertise in projects with a strong technological connotation as well as in life sciences projects.

Patricia Neau


This university graduate (Panthéon-Sorbonne) brings to the company her dual experience of the banking and software worlds, acquired in particular at SAGE (ex: SAARI) and Crédit Municipal de Paris.

In these establishments, she held high-level positions in Operational Marketing.

Her areas of expertise include the internet, distribution and innovative industry.

Théo Fleismaher

Consultant - Occitania

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Théo has been working with startups, VSEs and SMEs for several years on various strategic issues. Co-founder of the startup Rise (mobile application), he now uses his expertise to help companies raise funds. He is an expert in digital strategy.

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